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Γεώργιος Ράικος
Cybersecurity Business Development Manager, Tic Tac Cybersecurity

Georgios has accumulated more than two decades of experience in executive positions ranging from BPR and Project Management to Compliance and Information Security, within such conglomerates as IBM, British Airways and ABN AMRO Bank.

After the Greek systemic crisis of 2010, Georgios supported networks of technology bootstraps and startup incubators in order to boost innovation and leadership in the emerging business ecosystem.

Having devoted a large part of his executive life attending international conferences, networking with keynote speakers and brainstorming with consultants spanning diverse industries and business sectors, Georgios actively engages with novel idea generation, people management, policy and strategy optimization. He adheres to the view that these are embedded processes within the corporate value stack which are equally essential to both mature BoD roundtables and agile small business owners.

Georgios is a Cybersecurity expert, Contributor to strategy think-tanks and a disruptive blogger.

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